Fall Fundraiser Information - Help us raise money for OCMS!!

 It's time for our Fall Fundraiser! In the past we have sold coupon books but this year we are going all digital with a coupon app! All the information is below. 

Copy and paste this text/email template and send right now to your 20 contacts! Share with EVERYONE, even in other states since the offers are nationally available. DO personalize (red text) this to the receiver by entering your student’s first and last name after their homeroom teacher's name in the body of the text so that class gets credit! Add your student’s name and then copy and paste this below and start texting!

Hi [fill in person’s name], 

My school is doing a digital coupon fundraiser and we hope you can help!  Click https://app.giftkey.org/P/F/375 to learn more about our efforts, and how to make your purchase to support us. BE SURE TO PUT MY NAME IN EXACTLY LIKE THIS [Teacher last name student first and last name] in the ‘Referred By’ space!! I know you like saving money so you will enjoy using the app and saving at least $10 per week!  Thank you so much for helping us out!  Help me and my teacher win the Kickoff Week Reward of $100 to me and my teacher for overall top sales this first week!!  Thank you for your support of OCMS!